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Extending a nature reserve for Endangered wildlife, organising a successful mountain bike race, digitising thousands of biodiversity data from Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and supporting over 100 students through secondary (high) school with ‘eco-bursaries’ are just a few of the things that, with the support of many friends, A Rocha Kenya has managed to achieve this year. We are very grateful to all those who have given of time and finances and prayed for our work and team during 2018.

ngiri-fbThis time last year we had just made an appeal for help to raise funds for ASSETS bursaries and pay for a new field car – and were humbled and thrilled to get an amazing response. As we come soon to the start of another year we want to thank you for being part of what we feel deeply called to do – work towards protecting some of the most unique of God’s outrageously incredible creation here in Kenya and doing so in such a way as to bless and help many people who are struggling to survive

Looking ahead we have a greatly fortified team compared to a year ago – Patrick has joined Festus on ASSETS eco-bursary scheme to implement conservation activities with the students and their families; Maggie joined us to take up the critical environmental education work with children and adults, and David and Alex joined to work with communities in Dakatcha with teaching Farming God’s Way among other activities. Laura has joined Ziro on the GIS team mapping our work and making it more digestible by others and Dave and Hannah are doing a radical work at Mwamba. Not least we have had and continue to have many skilled volunteers and interns without whom much of our work would be far harder to do.

Thank you!!

Without your gifts, prayers and other support it would not be possible for us to maintain this momentum and continue to make a difference for conservation. Thank you! Would you consider making a regular donation which allows us to budget for more effective work – perhaps supporting children to be able to attend secondary school and learn about conservation, or towards our marine programme – or simply to give for wherever the greatest need might currently be. For those that pray, please join us in praying regularly for the people we work with, for the conservation of threatened habitats and species and for wisdom and guidance as we work with conservation partners. We firmly believe that without God’s underpinning support, we would be far less effective – and prayer is a wonderful way of taking part in how he does that.

What about 2019 ??

We’ll look forward to telling more stories of what God is doing through A Rocha as 2019 starts. If you don’t already, please do follow us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram – and since we’ve just started planning the 2019 Sokoke Forest MTB Challenge bike race, sign up and get your bike out for 4th May!

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  • Solomon Ngari

    says on:
    December 11, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Always a delight to read about ARK’s great achievements, we have come from verrrry far and indeed this far this Lord has brought us! thank you great team!

  • Linda Sogot

    says on:
    December 11, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    It amazes me to see the wonderful work you are doing to improve livelihoods and raise conservation awareness with so much reverence for God’s command in Arabuko and its surrounding. One can see the love that shine in each individual staff & volunteer (in that photo). I am so privileged to be a friend of Arocha and i do pray for many many blessings to staff and volunteers who work effortlessly and passionately to see organization’s dream come true. Your work is always the source of my inspiration in this conservation journey.
    Big up guys!!!! So proud to be associated with ARK!!! LONG LIVE ARK!!!

  • arochakenya

    says on:
    December 13, 2018 at 10:00 am

    That is very true Solomon. The Lord has been good to us all. Thank you for you support too. Blessings