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Since 1999, A Rocha Kenya has grown from a small outfit with one employee in Watamu to a flourishing organisation with three sites; Watamu, Dakatcha and Nairobi, with a staff of over 20.

Pictured; Chris Foot in-coming chair (right) , Edwyn Kiptinness out-going chair (middle), Colin Jackson ARK’s director (left).


With several years’ of experience in human resource, counselling and mediation in both private and NGO sectors, Edwyn Kiptinness has been ARKs’ chairman since its inception. He has also been a chairperson with other organisations.Here he looks back at the years past;

”I have seen the growth of ARK, despite the several changes experienced over the years.

The Board and the staff have done a tremendous work. The Board appreciates the management team and the staff for wonderful work done.

We have lost many species and habitats have been destroyed. There is an urgent need to educate and connect with Government departments and other organisations involved in conservation and protection of our environment. ARK has made its name in the conservation world and we must not sit on our laurels and feel we have done our part. We need to replace logical thinking with creative thinking.

We appreciate our friends/partners, who have consistently supported ARK over the years without whom we would not have reached where we are today.

We recognise the help of all the volunteers who have brought skills and knowledge as they assist ARK in all the sites. We are grateful to the local people who have supported our efforts in the protection of the environment. We plan to introduce further educational activities for the younger generation on the protection of God’s creation.

We thank God for His Grace and Blessings to ARK. Let us continue to pray for our new chairman, Chris Foot, as he takes the chairmanship in January 2019”.