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A Rocha Kenya is a national branch of A Rocha, a Christian conservation organisation, that demonstrates God’s love for his world by facilitating a deeper understanding of creation and practical care for it through scientific research, environmental education and sustainable community-based conservation programmes.

A Rocha Kenya is one of over 18 projects around the world. Our projects involve the community in practical conservation based on careful fieldwork. By working with the local communities, A Rocha Kenya (ARK) aims to achieve the long-term conservation of threatened habitats and species in the Malindi-Watamu area. ARK was formally established in 1999 and opened the Mwamba Bird Observatory and Field Study Centre in Watamu in 2002.

A Rocha Kenya’s work focuses on four main areas:

Environmental Education: ARK works with local school wildlife clubs and resources local school teachers to coordinate and oversee environmental educational activities and to teach about environmental care within existing national curriculum activities.

Demonstrating a telescope to Wildlife Club members - ARK Env. Ed

Community Conservation: The Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-tourism Scheme (ASSETS) was set up by ARK in 2001 (see www.assets-kenya.org). The scheme uses money generated from eco-tourism to provide secondary school “Eco-bursaries” for local children which are closely tied in to action for the conservation of local threatened habitats and species.

ASSETS Beneficiaries from Bogamachuko School

Scientific Research: ARK has been collating baseline ornithological data in several of the major habitats since 1999, and is building on this to establish a research and monitoring programme. Surveys have been extended to include other taxa such as insects and benthic fauna. The knowledge gained from this work is vital for managing and protecting vulnerable or threatened sites.

Green-backed Twinspot caught for ringing at Mwamba

Mwamba Bird Observatory and Field Study Centre: Mwamba provides facilities for scientific training and workshops, accommodation for interested visitors and volunteers, and provides a forum for discussions on environmental issues.

Mwamba front verandah The view from the flat roof at Mwamba…views of Mwamba Field Study Centre.

A volunteer programme is a major component of the life of the Centre and work. We provide opportunities for volunteers from all over the world to join in the work, learn new skills and contribute in a meaningful way to the work we are doing.

Volunteer helping with Env Education - “Funky Chicken” game A volunteer helping with the ARK Environmental Education programme

For further information about A Rocha Kenya, visit our main website and follow the links to Kenya: www.arocha.org

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  • Robin Picard

    says on:
    April 29, 2009 at 5:12 pm


    Great to read updates! I would like to send photos that I took while visiting. What is the Watamu address? Thanks so much,


  • Kevin Brown Bett

    says on:
    December 10, 2013 at 11:58 am

    I am a student at Pwani University and would like to apply to work with A Rocha for field attachement next year April through August. Could you please send me your postal address?