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A Rocha Kenya is blessed to be located close to a colony of Roseate Terns, a species of seabird that must return from sea in order to breed. It is quite a priviledge because Kenya does not have many breeding seabirds.

And recently we were excited to discover a small number of the terns have laid eggs on Turtle Rock which is just off shore from a local resort called Turtle Bay Beach Club. Lots of people in the form of boats, fishermen, and tourists.

The challenge is that a majority of Roseate Terns only lay one egg and their nests are very vunerable to disturbances. Because of that A Rocha Kenya is doing what we can to educate the people that live and work around the fragile habitat of nesting Roseate Terns on the importants of staying off the rock while the birds are nesting there.

We are also surveying the colony on Turtle Rock in order to track the progress and success of this breeding event. Just another small example of our work to be good stewards of the community we have been entrusted with.

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