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At Mwamba, Sarah Davis experienced the beauty of nature coming together with the tangible presence of God in a powerful way. Just what she needed on her rest and relaxation from her challenging work in South Sudan.



March 2018 we had the privilege of meeting Sarah Davis, a delightful young woman visiting Mwamba, A Rocha Kenya’s conservation centre in Watamu.



Sarah, a former paediatric ICU nurse, felt God leading her to South Sudan where she works with Medair, a Christian humanitarian organisation. As a Health Manager, Sarah supervises staff in clinics for malnourished children between the ages of six months and five years and pregnant and lactating women. The clinics have more than 5,000 beneficiaries, many of whom are severely malnourished and have other associated health problems.

We were not surprised to hear that the work is hard, the hours are long and it is often exhausting. But Sarah finds this work hugely rewarding, especially when she sees the amazing recovery of many children.

God’s second book
Because the work can be demanding and all-consuming, every eight to 10 weeks Medair sends its workers out of South Sudan for rest and relaxation (R&R). This was Sarah’s first R&R visit to Mwamba. She was very tired so spent time doing very little, sleeping and enjoying the silence and solitude she needed. Time “to be” and to hear from God enabled her to start to heal. She was aware of the beauty of nature coming together with the tangible presence of God in a powerful way. She told us, “The Bible is God’s second book. God’s creation is His first book”.

Hope for the future
In her previous nursing career, Sarah had seen many children die but she remembers the miracles she has seen which keeps her hopeful rather than cynical. Faith and compassion shine from her.



When asked if she was ready to return to South Sudan, she honestly replied that she was never ready to go back – but she was sure that was where she was meant to be for now. She spoke inspiringly of the love of God and of the hope for the future of South Sudan and its people.

Sarah was thankful that she had found A Rocha Kenya and all it has to offer. She will definitely be returning to Mwamba!

Text: Angela McKay