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If there were no environmental problems, we would still be tending God’s world with compassion and gentleness.We do what we do because we love God and his world.Does God care about the endangered species? birds, fish, trees, moths, corals or even seaweeds………?


The long awaited service was finally here with us. Members of Kirosa Rock Church (Dakatcha)  were very curious and eager to hear the message of the day that A Rocha Kenya team had brought to them this particular Sunday. The church service started as usual with praise and worship led by one of the congregants, a gentleman who praised the Lord in wonderful Giriama praise songs. The local songs added more flavor to the service and everybody including those who could not understand the local language got into the rhythm and enjoyed every bit of the songs. The congregation looked more energized by the presence of A Rocha Kenya team and one could see that they were very expectant. During the teaching session everybody was keen to hear from the Lord and get to learn what the Bible tells us about God and his Creation.

The teachings were very deep as the speaker un-packed God’s word to his people, explaining passionately to us the creation story (Psalm 104) and how God has crowned us as his managers and has given each and every one of us his creation (God’s wealth) to manage and flourish, (Mat 25:14-30). It became so clear to us that each of us has been given a lot by God to be in charge of and all of us came to the realization that we have dealt with God’s creation so badly. We were cut to heart and were challenged. It was clear to us that none of us would receive the compliments uttered by the master to the first two servants, “well done, good and faithful servant!”. All of us were like the third servant! None of us would see themselves hearing those sweet words being spoken by God to them – well done good and faithful servant for being a good manager of my creation that that I placed under your authority. That is why it was such a shocker to the congregation – a rocking challenge! The session was interactive and people asked questions and are eager to learn more. We hope that the next two Sundays will be eye opening and God will speak to his people and that people will be led to repentance for having dealt with God’s creation so badly. And that after this the Kirosa Rock Church members will dive into Creation Care, embrace the alternative livelihood interventions in this case Farming God’s Way and participate in weekly Bible Studies to know Him more and spread the good news to all creation.

A few lessons that were drawn from the teachings;

 That the entire creation belongs to God and nobody can claim ownership of it, all we have is God’s before its ours. Being ours means we are to carefully manage whatever have been given so that it can multiply and multiply.

 That creation was created through the Son of God for him not for anyone else – and so if there is something one does not like in creation you are to remember that it’s not created for you.

 The creation glorifies God the way it is and it reveals to us God in a majestic way! We are to spread God’s good news to all creation. Man was given the role of a manager of the creation of God that is ensure its continuity. That man is to blame for any loss of biodiversity and all forms of destruction in the environment since it is under his supervision. It was a touching and a blessing service. The congregation enjoyed the service very much!

As a christian conservation organisation, our goal is to see people transformed through restoration of threatened habitats through research, environmental action, advocacy and community empowerment!

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  • Solomon Ngari

    says on:
    February 11, 2019 at 7:38 am

    Always delighted to read about the happenings in ARK! thank God for lives being changed in Dakatcha (Kirosa) to embrace the wholistic gospel – stewardship and not ownership!. Thanks team A Rocha, we are proud to be associated..

    • arochakenya

      says on:
      March 7, 2019 at 3:41 pm

      Thank you for the constant encouragements to keep keeping on.. We are glad you are part of this family.