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The creation care programme was at it again, this time around at the Mulunguni PEFA church. With schools closed, there was a relatively higher number of young people attending the Sunday Church Service. We were on the Third sermon in a programme where we do four sermons in every church. The Pentecostal Church is under the leadership of Pastor Stephen Mlewa and his wife with an average membership of 60 people, half of who are below 10 years old.

Environmental degradation is a spiritual problem, evident from the fact that it directly involves human beings and that science has not been able to significantly solve. It stems out of the selfishness of individuals to use environmental resources sustainably. In the Dakatcha woodland trees are unsustainably cut down for charcoal burning, sold for construction or as fencing posts.

During the creation care sermons, we try in the simplest language possible to bring the message of environmental conservation to the elderly, youthful and even the youngest community members attending church.

It starts with the recognition of the fact that everything that was created belongs to God (Psalms 24:1) and also that our responsibility as human beings over the creation that belongs entirely to God is to be good stewards of the same (Gen 2;15). Over the three week period, we have been sharing with the people of Mulunguni Pefa the fact that they were strategically placed by God in their respective villages/homesteads for them to acknowledge his greatness through seeking him in the trees, shrubs, insects, animals and other human beings that are found in their surroundings. (Acts 17;26,27.)

It is our hope that this message is a foundation stone to the church members, constantly reminding them of the link between their faith in Christ Jesus and their call to be good stewards of the environment, which belongs to Jesus himself. We pray that the seeds of environmental conservation planted through the creation care sermons will someday yield fruit manifested in taking good care of the trees, shrubs, animals and fellow human beings around the lives and homes of Mulunguni Pefa church Members.