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Farming,has for a long while been considered a female engagement especial for the very old women who stay at home as house wives. This is evident especially amongst the people down the coastal area of Kenya.

John was indeed a firm believer of this before the Farming God’s Way training. Together with other farmers from his church,John was taken through Farming God’s Way (FGW) training and is now among the best in implementing the conservation farming.

During the initial baseline setting just before the training, John asked ‘Is the training for those who do farming or should the youths also come? He came so that he would go back and teach his mother who was a farmer but didn’t attend church.

As the training progressed John was personally challenged and he promised to go try out the new farming method and see if it works. However, it took a couple of days to actually convince him to  actually start. It took a couple of days to convince him to actual start. Initially he would say that he was busy and that he would for call for help to start when he gets time.

After a number of days, there was no call for help, Patrick (FGW coordinator) decided to go and look for him and found him in the market. Patrick worked through the issues John had until he finally agreed to work on his plot.In the end, he only worked half the required area fearing he might not be able to finish working on the whole plot.

A few weeks later he called Patrick to go and see his work. Surprisingly he had done it perfectly and the maize in the small area was deep green and looking very healthy. He now wishes he had worked on the whole plot because his whole crop would be as large and healthy as the FGW section. John was greatly encouraged; he went ahead and, despite being late, planted the other piece of land he had left out for fear of not being able to work it.

John now says that he will start preparing his land preparations early, well before the short rains which are expected around the month of October to November. Learning the FGW method towards farming has changed his attitude towards farming and even motivated him to work. ” We surely worship God when we work our farms, and do it well in our farms. I’m sure God is also happy when he sees my plants,” says John.