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Karara Center, A Rocha Kenya’s Nairobi office has, over the past couple of months, been focusing on Education for Sustainable Development(ESD). Visitors in Karara, young and old are encouraged to engage in activities promoting sustainable development.



Banton( ARK staff) teaching about Artemisia- a shrub used to cure malaria

Though the cold and rains in Nairobi have kept most people indoors, these little souls have kept the Karara premises warm and bursting with activity.

With widespread global adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, A Rocha Kenya is keen to play its part in promoting Sustainable Development (SD).


Kwamboka demonstrating how to make fertilizer teas using indigenous trees.

Students from neighbouring schools visit the center to acquire knowledge on different aspects of biodiversity conservation as well as participate in projects that promote sustainable development within their schools.

We have been focusing on the following goals over the past few months (April-June 2018)

  • 4 – Quality Education
  • 13 -Climate Action
  • 15 – Life on land.

Children learn about the different indigenous tree species in an upland forest, (the forest type in Karara), their ecological and cultural importance as well as their medicinal use.

The Nairobi ringing group partner with us to carry out bird ringing studies in the forest.These aims to help us understand highland forest birds communities around Nairobi.These sessions are open for anyone to attend and visitors are encouraged to participate.Its a great opportunity to learn about bird ringing and the bird species likely to be found in an upland forest.


Demonstration on how to set up a tree nursery at Lenana School

Karara office is currently running a project on tree nursery management in Lenana High School. Students are learning to set up a tree nursery and maintain it, the different indigenous tree species that would grow well in Nairobi as well as their ecological importance.