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You’re never too young to take action o, neither are you ever too old to care less about conservation.

home-school-at-kararaWhat is the role of introducing kids to nature from an early age? Well, they grow knowing what it takes to patiently take care of things. Also, they get to learn how different components work together to make the environment we live in.


home-school-at-karara-3Friday 5th April 2019 was a special one for kids as the  Karara team hosted a group of 9 home schooled children (ages 1.8-7 yrs) for a nature based learning experience. Playful as they were, we got to identify different organisms that live in soils(soil has life).


We also had a tour around our nursery, where young ones were stunned about the sweet Stevia(natural sweetener) herb, among many other plants. We saw many flowers & spotted Sykes Monkeys feasting on Mugumo seeds.

We also had a fun filled nature walk in our natural forest where we identified ferns, lichen, Mushrooms, bamboo and other plants that make the forest beautiful-as the young ones noted


We are thankful to the dedicated moms who walked and had the patience to learn with their children, and actively give insights into kid based activities to promote conservation.