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Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global solution. The impact over the years’ are  clearly evident; rising sea levels, melting glaciers, prolonged droughts, hurricanes just to mention a few! There are distressing stats to sit and look at. Failing to act is no solution. Combined effort from all around are required in order to help slow global warming. However actions by one country or  by certain groups of people  to try and reduce emissions will do very little to slow down global  warming. Hence the reason for all of us to come together, pull our ideas, thoughts and efforts in order to mitigate global warming. Whether in our homes or backyards are effort from everyone is required. Whatever you have been doing in your own little keep at it!


Mothers of the Forest with the E.E team after a lovely engaging session.

On the 7 th of November 2018, the Environmental Education team from A Rocha Kenya got an invite to Dakatcha a village called Bore. The team left at around 6:30 am in order to be there by 9 am. On arrival, the hosts were already there eagerly waiting for the team.  The host; a group of 22 women who go by the name ” Mothers of the Forest” had invited them to discuss issues relating to forest conservation.

The aim of the group ( Bore Community Conservation)  is to conserve the area and plant more trees. With a warm welcome the discussions began.An hour into the discussion the women discovered that thought they were planting trees, all of them were exotic  species as opposed to the indigenous trees. As the team learned easy accessibility and availability of the exotic seedling species is what makes them plant the trees. However the ARK team encouraged them to go find  seeds of indigenous trees from the forest that they can plant and later replace the exotic ones.


The blanket Activity

Forest conservation being a key solution to global warming, the EE team introduced the concept of climate change and global warming. A topic many locals find hard to understand,  an activity the Blanket Activity was used to demonstrate anthropogenic global warming. In the activity one of the women was selected  to play the “earth” and each time a situation leading to the release of carbon dioxide was read out, the “earth” would be covered with a piece of blanket. Deforestation for charcoal, wood, timber and agriculture were read out as well as situations where more CO2 and other greenhouse gases were released.

By the end of the activity, the women understood that humans are slowly killing the earth and encouraging biodiversity extinction in pursuit of unsustainable income generating activities. With renewed understanding how climate change could make communities and especially women and children more vulnerable, the women were motivated to educate more people on the same and practice what they had learnt.

The E.E team had a lovely time interacting and teaching the women at Bore Community Conserved area and it is our hope that they keep conserving the forest and turn to planting indigenous tree species which the region is so richly bestowed.