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Green and white-the theme colors,beautiful and very appealing to the eye.

Knut working on the signpost at Mida-Creek

Mida Creek boardwalk has some wonderful signboards that present “The Mangrove Story”. They are pieces of art, but after 15 years it was high time to renew the texts, both wording and design. From March to June, Knut Grønvik from Norway volunteered with A Rocha Kenya. A pastor with a past experience in graphic design, he was put on the job.

All texts were rewritten to make them easier to read and hopefully more appealing to everyone. Like: “Mangroves drink both sweet and salt”; “Lots of birds like to stay at Mida Creek … with plenty to eat and nice places to rest”; “Seen a Green Turtle?”

“I learned a lot about mangroves, of course”, Knut says, “and also where and how to get what I needed. Roni Jackson and I simplified the explanations. Designing took time since no two signs had the same size.









Then a day on the rooftop sizing the laminated before going with communication officer Monicah to loosen frames, put the texts in place and fasten the frames again. Some broke. We need some thin wood. Then it must be cut. And where do I get a mitre box?

Have you visited Mida Creek Board Walk yet? If not now would be the best time as the signs are still new and fresh. If you have you will also love the new sign posts and also help continue supporting ASSETS students through school.