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Just been to the cliff top to check how the terns are doing on Whale Island using the telescope and they’re piling onto the rock now, settling down along the bare edge and perching precariously on the leeward rim of the main rock just below the scrub. Glad to see they’re on there in force – was a little concerned on Tuesday when we were there that by the time we left the island there were only 50-100 overhead though didn’t think they’d have been put off by our visit since they weren’t beginning to make nests etc.

Even from this far you can pick out the Sootys and Noddys since they’re so much larger and darker. Every time a large wave would hit the island and send a tower of spray onto the rock, the terns would peel off the rock and spin low over the water before going back to settle down again. I reckon by 2 weeks time the first eggs will have been laid. Will be fascinating to follow the breeding success more closely this year.

This work is being sponsored by the British Birds Foundation who have kindly donated funds to A Rocha Kenya for this and other research and monitoring work.

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