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Did you know the importance of soil conservation, forestry, conservation agriculture and their link to Geography? The team in Karara (A Rocha Kenya – Karen) hosted a  group of 15 students from Braeburn School and had a wonderful time going through these and more!braeburn-school

Maintaining soil health is important as it produces healthy crops that in turn nourish people.We looked at the ways this can be done; using organic manure/ compost( to replenish soil nutrients & counter leaching,and take up by plants), mulching and the process of making the compost.

braeburn-1We also explored the tree nursery to experience the importance of certain trees, herbs and fruit trees. We managed to sample several important ones,( rosemary helps with memory gain, mint tea is good for your health, oregano used in salads, Stevia is a natural sweetener, Uganda Greenhewrt treats body aches-toothache, stomachache, other pains, Markhamia is a good shade tree, good for agro forestry, red hot poker tree treats non-viral diseases for example Malaria, STI’s etc)

It always a pleasure to host students as the centre, to answer the question they have about conservation and also share with them how they can involved individually and a group.

We welcome you to visit the centre and get and opportunity to learn and be involved. Write to  [email protected] to make your booking.