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Environmental Education ( EE ) a life-long process that allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving activities and take action towards improving the environment and sustain it .For individuals or groups: whether done formally or informally the aim is to always create awareness, increase knowledge about the surrounding environment and beyond, and help the audiences acquire a set of values that are geared towards environmental protection.

Braeburn Students at the Karara Farming God’s Way plot.

What better way to learn than to step outside the four walls;learning is always more interesting when you get out of the classroom:see,smell,touch and not just have to imagine what you are being taught.


Visit to Karara by Braeburn students

A Rocha Kenya’s Karara Field Study Centre hosted 22 students from Braeburn School, for an Environmental Education field activity. With a desire to start an Environmental Club, the students wanted to learn more about biodiversity conservation, soil management and making of compost manure. The objective was to practically take them through most of the in-class taught theoretical methodologies to conservation and sustainable utilization of resources. The EE office took the them through the steps of setting up and making a compost heap, and the kind of materials to have in place for the activity- followed by a simple demonstration of the same.

A tour of the tree nursery followed, where students learned about Farming God’s way. Here, they were taken through the mulching concept and its importance in soil conservation and minimal tillage on the soil.


Tree nursery

We then discussed on the different tree varieties in the nursery, highlighting their uses and role in the environment.

Finally, a tour of the forest meant to expose them to forest conservation, invasive species management and the myriad of biodiversity interaction and the harmony in being one with nature.

They greatly enjoyed the tour and we hope to have sustainable program with the students as they set off to start an Environmental Club.


Article by :Paul Mutuku Environmental Education Officer Karara.

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