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Beautiful sunrise- Mwamba Beach

In sunny and warm Watamu, the time has been flying by. Dave and I (Hannah) have just hit our 6 month mark here at Mwamba, where we have been serving as interim centre managers since September 2018. If you missed our first blog post, we introduce ourselves here: http://blog.arocha.or.ke/a-rocha-kenya-staff/sharing-hospitality-building-relationships/.


Lamp-lit dinner under the stars

Mwamba has been a lively place for the last several months. We had a very busy Christmas     season, in which we welcomed 49 guests from 12 different countries!During that time we really appreciated the unity and camaraderie demonstrated by the Mwamba team.Some highlights of that time were the many conversations and shared stories,candle and lamp-lit dinners on Christmas Day and New Years’ Eve, beach volleyball, and bonfires.Since then,we have had a steady flow of guests, including some lovely repeat visitors and long term guests affiliated with other nonprofits in the Watamu area.

img_5467Often, when Dave and I are asked to describe what we do on a day to day basis it can be a challenge, as no two days are alike at Mwamba. Some of the things that have kept me busy are coordinating monthly shopping trips for the staple and housekeeping goods required to host guests and the ARK team, researching and setting up a credit card payment system for the guesthouse(yes, we take credit cards now!),keeping the vehicles running despite the rough roads and ocean salt that conspire to keep them grounded,importing a new car for A Rocha Kenya from Japan, and researching options for solarising the electricity used here at Mwamba. Dave has been working as the volunteer coordinator and has also been active in managing Mwamba Centre staff. Lately, he has also been working with Simon on the painting and renewal of some of the guest rooms.

Outside of our tasks at Mwamba, we try to carve out some regular times of refreshment. Most mornings, I spend time walking or jogging on the beach and end with a quick swim before breakfast. Dave goes for a longer swim most evenings and always regales me with the marine life he sees. Early on in our stay we purchased some used bikes and have enjoyed cycling to some of the local attractions like Gede Ruins on our days off. I have a soft spot for one of the gelato places in Watamu, so a day off isn’t complete without a stop at Amici Miei. Although we are enjoying ourselves here at Mwamba, our time here is soon coming to a close. In two months,we will be leaving A Rocha Kenya to return to Canada and to our friends and family there. Due to our upcoming departure, A Rocha Kenya is currently looking for volunteers to come and serve as Mwamba Centre Manager(s). Are you feeling called to experience community life at Mwamba Conservation Centre through a role in centre management? We encourage you to come and experience not only the beautiful birds,wildlife, and beaches Watamu has to offer, but also the richness of community life at Mwamba! Contact Dave at [email protected] to start the conversation. Karibu Sana!

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  • Solomon Ngari

    says on:
    March 12, 2019 at 8:48 am

    Great Dave and Hannah, what a blessing to have had you with us at Mwamba! Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the work of ARK. Baraka Tele, as you plan on your exit. AR Canada is very close to my heart. Spent time in Vancouver a while back and have very fond memories including preparing ugali and sukuma wiki for the team there..