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Dear Sokoke Forest MTB Challenge rider…


Thank you for joining us for the 2019 Challenge – we’re looking forward to the event and having you part of it here in Watamu on Saturday. The good news is that it has finally started raining so sections of the route which were soft sand are now compacted and rideable.

The Sokoke Forest MTB Challenge was started to both provide a chance for cyclists to enjoy some of our diverse and challenging coastal riding conditions as well as to raise funds for the conservation of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest through which the race takes place.

Arabuko-Sokoke is ranked as one of the most important forests on mainland Africa for its biodiversity conservation value being home to at least 45 Globally threatened animals and plants. One of these is the Golden-rumped Sengi (or elephant-shrew) which is only found here in the whole world – and is in the race logo.

However, illegal logging and snaring of wildlife by forest adjacent communities seriously threaten the forest. Much of this is done to generate cash to pay school fees.

All funds raised through the Sokoke Forest MTB Challenge go towards Eco-bursaries for secondary school for children of forest adjacent families through A Rocha Kenya’s programme the Arabuko-Sokoke Schools & Eco-Tourism Scheme (ASSETS). ‘Eco-bursaries’ are not just support for school fees but have a direct link to conservation action for the forest and adjacent Mida Creek.

Over 650 children have now been supported through four years of secondary school with ASSETS eco-bursaries and many have gone on to university and have jobs to support their families.

Hopefully you will have got the message about raising sponsorship for your ride to contribute to ASSETS (there’s a prize for whoever raises the most sponsorship!). All contributions are welcome and will make a difference for a child – and the forest.

To make your contribution to Arabuko-Sokoke conservation, you can select any of the methods given below.

ASSETS Sponsorship payment options:

  • Cash payment at the race briefing in Turtle Bay Beach Club on Friday through to Sunday 3rd – 5th May 2019.
  • Mpesa – Till number 665950
  • Online bank transfer write to [email protected]
  • Cheque – made out to “A Rocha Kenya”


THANK YOU again for being a part of this mountain biking fest! It promises to be a great event


Colin Jackson

Director, A Rocha Kenya