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A Rocha Kenya’s E-Newsletter was relaunched on April 6th 2018. Here is our Director’s greeting:


Dear friends of A Rocha Kenya,

The rains are almost upon us – in fact we’ve had some storms already and there is fresh, lush growth all around and where it was drier there is at least a shimmer of green hazed over the grey dryness from the drought. No single garden misses out – all receive the life-giving rain. This always reminds me of God’s incredible grace and abundance which he lavishes on us.

In A Rocha Kenya it has felt somewhat like we’ve experienced some abundant showers of rain after a drought – though in many areas it is still just that green haze and we’re waiting for the full rains to start.

Thank you for contributions

Many receiving this will have contributed to our appeal last year for purchase of a car, ASSETS scholarships and other pressing needs – thank you! This has allowed us to not only purchase the 4WD pickup we had been generously offered at half its value but also give substantial scholarships to the students we are supporting and take on a further 30 students for four years of secondary school, thus giving them hope for their future while spreading the message of caring for Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek further afield.

New staff and projects

As part of the ‘rain showers’ we have welcomed Monicah as our Communications officer who is behind making this newsletter happen.

We’ve also received a grant for digitising biodiversity data from the forest and a four-year grant to purchase more forest land in Dakatcha to protect the Sokoke Scops Owl and Golden-rumped Sengi, both Endangered species. The Kirosa Reserve in Dakatcha is only the third site on earth that either of these rare species is found. Our work not only purchases the land to stop it being converted to pineapple plantations but also focusses on helping adjacent communities learn how to live sustainably off their land.

Prayers and hope

So, we are grateful for the ‘showers’ but certainly need more ‘rain’. For those who pray – do join us to pray for the work of A Rocha Kenya and our partners. Working in conservation can be quite depressing given the continued decline in biodiversity and increasing effects of climate change – yet as Christians we have a deep hope that goes beyond the loss of species.

If you are able to support A Rocha Kenya financially, then please do join us in what is an exciting journey of bringing restoration and transformation to habitats and people.

Colin Jackson

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