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In answer to Jimmy’s comment on it would be nice to know where the Finnish recovery was actually found, I had written this on my facebook profile at the time when we were informed about the recovery. I paste it here for your information:

I received an email from the Coordinator of the Ringing Scheme of eastern Africa saying:

“You’ll be glad to know, Colin, that your Terek Sandpiper, Ring no. “Nairobi A71968” was controlled, breeding, by Veli-Matti Pakanen at Kemi, Lappi, Finland (65.45N, 24.32E) on 21.06.08 (no biometrics supplied). Kemi is a small coastal town at the top end of the Gulf of Bothnia, just over 20 km from the Swedish border at Haparanda.

Apart from the intrinsic worth of this super control, the report also raises some important points. It is the first recovery/control of a Terek Sand affecting eastern Africa (as far as I know) and is also only the second recov/control from all the Kenya coastal ringing.”

This was indeed one of “my” birds but was in fact ringed by none other than my kid sister Bethan Harris when she volunteered with us on 20th November 2003 in Mida Creek. The distance in a straight line from Mida to Kemi is c.7,756km and it was 4 1/2 years later that it was found.

This is the FIRST recovery of ANY of my or our A Rocha Kenya birds since I started ringing in Kenya in 1994 other than c.10kms away! Very cool indeed.

This was THE night that the Terek was ringed at Mida – Beth is the one sitting in the door of the car.

The only other movement of a bird since then has been an African (or Eastern as it is now called) Golden Weaver which we caught at Turtle Bay Beach Club in July that had a ring on already which was put on it at our ARK centre, Mwamba, in 2008. It was an immature when we ringed it and now it is breeding in the Turtle Bay gardens, some 3km away along the beach.

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