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Young People on a Global Stage (YPGS) is a project that brings together schools in the UK, Germany, Spain, Kenya and The Gambia to research on global sustainable issues; biodiversity, including trees, waste management, climate change, food and water, in and around the cities where the schools are found. They then try to come up with initiatives to address these issues and then propose their ideas to decision makers.
A Rocha Kenya began the project towards the end of last year with Lenana School and the students embraced the initiative with huge enthusiasm. On 8th November last year, the Environment Club organised a clean-up event in Ng`ando Estate which borders their school. Other conservation enthusiasts participated in the exercise.


Some of the members of the Environment Club(Lenana School) doing a presentation on Trees and Climate Change during an International Forest Day event.

Early this year Karen Secondary School joined Lenana School and from the 27th to 30th of April this year, we did an official launch of Young People on a Global Stage project with the Year 9 students at Braeburn International School.
We introduced the five issues and allowed the students to get into groups and formulate research questions and/or hypotheses. They then researched on the topics and presented their findings on the last day of the launch.

presention on how to increase waste control through recycling and awareness creation

A group of students doing a presentation on recycling of waste during the YPGS project launch at Braeburn International School.

The event was cross-curricular involving Geography, History, English, Science, Arts, and Music among other subjects. There were all sorts of presentations including Power Point, photography, artwork, animations, poetry, and songs among other exhibitions.

Dust bin made of recycled material

A dust bin made of recycled material.

Some of the groups will carry on with the project and we anticipate being with them for some more time.
It is indeed a great thing to see young people become more enthusiastic in global environmental issues in bid to make the planet more habitable.